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Precision Stunt Driving

Welcome to Precision Stunt Driving

Have you ever watched your favourite car chase films and wanted to be able to do some of the stunts they perform ? Well you can! Learn handbrake turns, parallel parking, J-turns, car control and go against the clock on our course in our Mini Cooper and BMW Z4 convertible. You will receive a certificate for completing your experience day and you will also be able to purchase video footage of your experience day if required.

We have a range of experiences for first drivers who have just passed their test wanting to learn car control, to just having fun and learning some cool basic stunt driving. 

So if you are looking for an exciting adrenaline packed experience as a gift for someone or if you want a great day out team building for your company or just improve your car control skills, then check out our different experiences and book online from passenger rides, learning car control to doing donuts, handbrake turns, J-turns and against the clock over our course.

If you have an event and you you are interested in booking us to enhance your offering, then please give us a call to discuss further.



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